How To Apply To Student Visa Transfer

Well, this is where you start! applying to a student visa transfer.


Transferring to another institution it’s really not complicated. First you need to know what school you want to tranfer to. Once you have the school. You must request for a transfer form and an acceptance letter .  Having these two documents guarantees a safe and smooth transfer to any given school. Documents requested to any given school varies from school to school.But in general they ask for the following documents. Students will have 60 days to find a new school. Students who complete a course of study will have 60 days to leave the country. Early withdrawal students will have 15 days to leave the country. Any questions feel free to E-mail us.

1. Passport, Visa copies and all seals in the passport.
2. Current Bank Statement with AT LEAST 16,000 dollars, when you are applying for one academic year. If you have a sponsor you must bring your sponsors bank statement and a letter from your sponsor taking responsibility for all the expenses that you may inquire during your school year.
3. Vaccine Shots (optional)
4. High school Diploma
College or University transcripts
5. I-901 SEVIS FEE receipt and
I-539 receipt if you changed your status in the US.(optional)
6. Proof of address in home country (Phone Bill or Gas bill or Electricity bill, etc)
7. Proof of address in the US and phone number.
8. Registration fee.
9. I-20 copies and all previous
I-20 forms. Any other documents that you may have received from the government in the past year.
Drivers license(if applies)
10. Transfer form
11. Acceptance Letter