How To Apply To Student Visa From Your Country

Well, this is where you start! applying to a student visa maybe a bit cumbersome. but that is why we are here!!

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Annually, hundreds of thousands of people from around the globe come to the United States of America to study and improve their skills in order to advance their career. Our richly diverse set of programs, hosted by a variety of accredited institutions, provide learning opportunities as colorfully multifaceted as America is itself.   F1 student visa closely collaborates with hundreds of internationally recognized Language & Medical Vocational schools, with branches spread across America. Our central office in New Jersey USA, offers round the clock support to its students, aiding them in acclimatizing socially & academically, thereby ensuring their safe transition into their new home.

Step by Step how to apply

This is a step by step process on how to apply to a student visa f-1. There is a set of requirements a student must prove, before he or she gets accepted into any instituion. A major concern for many institutions and for the US government is the welfare of any student in the US. Therefore they want to make sure all student coming into the US are financially capable to maintain their studies and living expenses. Visa officers are interested in you showing how you are planning on financing your studies in the USA. You also need to prove that your only intentions are to study and go back to your country. Just be honest, if you sound fake you run a chance of losing your chance for a visa. Please do not get nervous try to be confident. Talk to them as if they where your friends and make eye contact and smile.Please take your time in understanding the steps to apply any questions please do not hesitate to email us or call us.

Step By Step How To Apply to a F1 Student Visa

1. PASSPORT: Our wide network of schools will accept a scanned copy of your passport. If you are applying to a community college,     you may have to mail your documentation to us. Please ensure that your passport is up to date, with sufficient time available before it expires. The application for a passport will vary from country to country.

This statement has to reflect AT LEAST $16,000 dollars when you are applying for one academic year (this figure is standard for most vocational schools). This doesn’t mean you are going to spend such amount
These are optional. Vocational schools don’t require them, but it is to your benefit to have these shots if you are planning on going to college. The cost to get these shots here in the US can be approximately $100-$200 US dollars per shot.
An official copy of academic records must be obtained.
5. I-901 FORM: You need to complete this form and make a payment of $200 for the SEVIS FEE. 
This document is very important. This may be the first document they check in your interview (I-901).


6. DS-160: 
This is a form you must complete. Is mandatory to summit this form before you apply for your interview


7. REGISTRATION FEE:  Please call us for further information.


8. I-20 FORM: This document is very important is the document the school will use to process your I-20 form and registration. Please complete this form: (I-20)


Tips for a successful U.S student visa interview


Below are the requirements to become a sponsor:

A sponsor is a person willing to provide support by means of housing, transportation, food etc., throughout duration of the student’s academic course.
This person can be anyone from a friend to a family member. The sponsor can live in the US or in the home country of the student applying. 

1. He/She Must be an American citizen or resident. Sponsor must provide a valid ID.

2. If employed, the sponsor must provide a letter from his/her employer confirming their employment. The sponsor should make a minimum of $30,000 (US Dollars) annually. If self-employed, there is no need to provide these documents from employer.
3. A copy of W-2
4. An affidavit of support form (I-134)This form must be notarized.
5. A bank statement from the sponsor with enough funds to support student during the course of study.


1. He/she needs to provide an affidavit of support (I-134).
3. A bank statement with enough funds to support the student during the course of study.

  • Remember you can have more than one sponsor. You can also have your own bank stament and a sponsor. The more we can prove that you are economically stable, the better chances you have of getting aproved!