Trade School is an alternative school that runs on barter.

Skill Swapping

Skill-swapping works on the same principle as other Skill-swapping places. However, skill-swapping expands these boundaries by allowing people to swap talents, skills, hobbies, and more. In this way the possibilities of what you can offer, and what you can get in return, are endless. For example, you may not have the time or inclination to walk your dog twice a day, but someone else might be able to do it for you. In return you could do something for them that they don’t have the skills to do, such as write a computer programme. Likewise you might always have had a yearning to learn Spanish. Instead of paying for a Spanish course, you could learn the language from a native speaker – and teach them the finer points of English grammar in return. By using your own skills and talents as collateral you can learn anything you like for free. All you have to do is sign up to an online skill-swapping site and browse the skills available, or simply list the ones you have that you would like to offer to others.

You can Swap A Skill, which exists on the concept that by swapping skills and favours  ‘we create friendships and build stronger, happier communities’.
You may find that you can learn a skill you always wanted to have, without paying for training. Or you could get your ironing done by a local helper rather than paying for the service. You can then give something back to the community by offering the skills that you have, which might just be in high demand by someone in your area.
Anyone can join these skill-swapping activities,because they work on the idea that everyone has something to offer – whether that is a trade, a specific skill, or just a favour. Skill-swapping is a great way to get things done or learn something new for free, by investing your time rather than your money.
The pioneering site behind this idea is LETS (Local Exchange Trading Systems), which works on the concept of building a community-based system of trading goods and services, but without the use of money.  You can then browse through what is being offered in your local area, and join the network to list what you can offer in return.